Sunday, 21 April 2019


Lamb with little girl

Yum, lunch



Welcome to the Meanwood Valley Urban Farm website


(We have begun a major redesign of the website, this will take some time so please bear with us.)

Have fun looking around and learning all about who we are and what we do; there’s lots of information about our animals, as well as all the other wildlife you can find on and around the Farm. Why not print out our bird spotter checklist and map before you come?

Click on About us to find the Farm Map, Events, News and more.

There’s also information for schools about the educational projects we run, as well as risk assessments and application forms. But there’s lots, lots more than that, come and see for yourself; why not join our Facebook page and upload photos of your trip to the Farm, or follow us on Twitter to get news of the latest events.

We are crowdfunding for a brand new Hen House. Find out more and donate by clicking here


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