Veg Box CSA

This year’s veg box CSA Scheme (2021) is now closed. We will start advertising for members to join 2022’s CSA scheme from March 2022. When it is open you will see a link below to register.

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What is the veg box Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scheme from Meanwood Market Garden?

The market garden team at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm are determined to sell fresh, chemical-free fruit and veg that doesn’t cost the earth, straight to you! We sell you a ‘share’ of our harvest, which means you commit to receiving a season’s worth of produce, from June – November. You get 22 weeks of weekly produce that you pick up every week from the farm. A basic box in 2021 was £379.51 which is £17.26 per week. We don’t grow potatoes or onions. You can add potatoes, onions or bread to the box for an extra cost. Potatoes and onions come from Organic North, an Organic Wholesaler Co-operative in Manchester and bread comes from Leeds Bread Co-operative, just 1km down the road!

Because you commit for the season, we know what we are growing so it’s easier to plan for, we minimize waste, and commit ourselves to giving you produce that’s picked fresh every week. We also give you the opportunity to help grow what goes in your box and become connected to your local food system by volunteering in the Market Garden! We call this whole approach ‘Community Supported Agriculture’.

Volunteering with us – we’d be happy for the help!

You have the opportunity to volunteer at the farm as part of being a member to understand how your produce is grown, and of course to get even more produce from being a volunteer. We already have a weekly volunteering programme where we work and learn about market garden-scale food growing and you would join this group. We do this of course following strict social distancing guidelines and update our coronavirus policies according to the latest government advice. To apply to be a volunteer, go here. To read more information about volunteering in the market garden, go here.

This year’s veg box CSA Scheme (2021) is now closed. We will start advertising for members to join 2022’s CSA scheme from March 2022. When it is open you will see a link below to register.

Here is the 2019 video advert (Prices and dates are not up-to-date).

How many people are we growing for?

All of the Farm’s produce is grown in the 2 acre market garden, which we are slowly restoring to full productivity. In 2021 we grew for 44 members, and we hope to increase this every year to a peak of 70 members by 2023.

What do you get for your share?

The share that you will receive is one box of produce (mainly vegetables but with some fruit). You will need to pick up from the farm. We cannot provide delivery. The box is equivalent in amount to a medium-size (2-3 people) vegetable box that other producers provide. We want you to come and say hello, we are very friendly, and want to show you where your food comes from, so do come and say hello when you are here!

You can find a provisional contents list here.

Important details

You can only cancel with one month’s notice. All basic boxes are identical but there will be a ‘swap box’ where you collect your box and you can swap out something you don’t like for something you prefer. 

You will need to collect your produce every week from the potting shed on Thursdays (although this might change in 2022) between 14:00 – 18:30.  If you miss this slot or forget you can arrange to pick it up from the fridge trailer from 8:30am – 18:30, but this is more work for us putting stuff back in the fridge and taking out again, so try to come on Thursdays!

If you do get bread/onions/potatoes, those additions will be in your box every week. Even if you want to cancel one of your additions but not the box itself, you need to give us a week’s notice.  

There are no pauses – if you go on holiday for a couple of weeks you probably need to give your veg box to someone or we’ll give it away to volunteers or a waste food cafe!

How do I register?

You register online at the online shop. When it is live for 2022 it will appear on this page.

It’s a first come, first served registration system and it will cut off after a certain number of registrations. So get in there quick to secure a place!