The Arc

In the spring and summer of 2021 the Market Garden team led by Joshua Lawson, an experienced timber framer and apprentice to Adrian Leaman of Wholewoods , have put up a completely unique and hand-crafted structure called ‘the Arc’, which will serve as the inspirational and multifunctional hub of the Market Garden.

The Arc will be used for educational gathering, socialising, eating together, pre-veg processing, protecting us from the elements…and more! In keeping with the ethos of the market garden and Meanwood Valley Urban Farm of low impact and alternative solutions, the Arc is comprised primarily of locally sourced round wood timber, creating a unique aesthetic and showcasing the use of natural materials. 

The ongoing development of the ‘Arc’ is also an incredible opportunity for volunteers to be closely involved with the creation and evolution of the building. The building phase took place on site with volunteers throughout and provided an opportunity for visitors to the garden to view the process of the construction.

A unique opportunity to install a solar panel array, which was not part of the original design, gives the market garden project its own renewable energy source too.

An ongoing project – Looking for funds

The final phase of the the Arc is to install retractable soft canvas covers as roofing and install beautiful furniture and shelving and we are still looking for funding to do this.

The seating will be constructed out of live edge slab wood material and be scribed into existing timber framework

The vertical shelving will be added to one bay of the building to provide storage and working space for farming activities, with an adjacent storage bay created to allow tools and materials to be kept more centrally in the garden.