Breathing Walls

Inside the Epicenter
Inside the Epicentre

The outer walls of the EpiCentre are constructed in such a way that they are both energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. The insulation within the walls is made of 100% recycled newspaper, coated in fire retardant materials called Gypsum and Boric Acid. Using sustainable renewable timber raw materials in the outer cladding minimises the building’s impact on the environment, and allows repairs to be made easily. The insulating materials of the breathing wall do not emit any CFCs or other hazardous waste, such as Formaldehyde often found in normal buildings. They can also be disposed of safely and are even edible.

The amount of energy that the products used to install the walls as well as the insulation process itself are so low that once in use, the Breathing wall is the most energy efficient of insulated walls.