Wheels 4 Fun

Wheels 4 Fun Disability Cycling group


Wheels 4 Fun is a community group which helps adults with physical disability to cycle by giving support and advice, the use of suitable bikes and the opportunity to ride in a safe environment. See our website, www.wheels4funleeds.wordpress.com for photos, stories about our riders and volunteers and more up to date details of when we are next meeting and what we have been up to.

Who can we help and how?

We have experienced physiotherapists and cycle trainers who are able to match people to suitable bikes such as tricycles or tandems piloted by our volunteers. We can also use other bikes to help people regain their balance and confidence so they are able to ride a normal bike after illness or injury. We cannot guarantee that we will have something suitable for everyone to ride, but if we don’t, we will give advice on other places that may be able to help. If you would like to discuss whether this is suitable for you, call 0113 2695028 or 07585 950650

When and where does it take place?

The group meets at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm on Saturdays between 11am and 1pm. There is no booking system but we advise that you telephone (0113 2695028) before coming for the first time as we occasionally meet at a different venue. We can also be quite busy in summer so we ask that you are prepared to be patient if this is the case.

What does it cost and what equipment is needed?

We prefer not to charge a specific fee but as we have no official funding we request that, if you can afford it, you make a donation of a few pounds for using the bikes. Helmets and high visibility vests can be loaned but you will need to come suitably dressed for cycling.

Social involvement

The group is friendly and sociable; people enjoy a chat between rides and many stay for a cuppa or a snack at The Barn Coffee Shop after riding. Often riders, family members and carers help out with the running of the sessions. We sometimes cycle to a different venue where we have tea and cake or a picnic before riding back.

Where do we ride?

On Saturdays, we mainly ride on the predominantly off road cycle route that passes through Meanwood Valley Urban Farm; sometimes, we go to other locations such as cycle tracks or quiet roads. Occasionally, we have rides in venues such as parks, sometimes as sponsored events to raise funds.


There are no paid staff; everyone involved in running and supporting the group gives freely of their time and new volunteers are always welcome; no particular skills are required.

For further information: call 0113 2695028 / 07585 950650 or see our website:  www.wheels4funleeds.wordpress.com

Wheels4fun is not an affiliate of Meanwood Valley Urban Farm.