Saturday, 23 March 2019

Bee ‘Buzz’ness

Posted by Sallie on 17 April 2013

Here’s an update on our Bee’s from our resident ‘bee’ man Tim;
‘Not a Happy Start.
Ben and I went up to the moors on Saturday to reclaim a couple of bee-hives. There are still some fairly impressive snow drifts over the tops, fortunately we didn’t have to dig the hives out. One colony had succumbed to the weather, but the other showed some signs of life.
When we returned to the Farm we noticed our best hive had been vandalised.  Someone had apparently taken the roof off and then stamped on the exposed frames. That was the only way we could account for the mud, with bits of grass in it, smeared over the comp tops. Assuming that the mus had first adhered to someones boot, it suggests that the temperatures were above freezing at the time, so the hive may have attempted to defend itself. However, without a roof, the colony will have frozen to death shortly afterwards. The other, smaller, colony at the Farm had already failed.
Being down four hives to one is a precarious way to start the year. It’s hoped that our last stock is left alone. At the first opportunity we will attempt to start new colonies in the vacated hives, but I’d have to say the outlook for a honey crop this year is already meager!
For more information on why the decline in Bees is bad for us check out this report from