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Congratulations to our President!

Posted by Sallie on 29 January 2013

Congratulations to our President

Founder Member Robert Collins has been an active volunteer at Meanwood valley Urban Farm for the last 34 years.  In 1978 when the Civic Trust invited members to volunteer to help establish a farm at Meanwood Robert did not hesitate and since those early days he has held every position on the Management Committee.  As honorary solicitor, Robert advised the Farm until his retirement and he named it an ‘Urban Farm’.

Robert has seen the Farm develop from a few acres of waste ground and open fields to the 24 acre Farm of stock fields, woodland, market garden, natural habitats, EpiCentre and other buildings you now see.  Originally completely dependent on volunteers, for many years the Farm has employed paid staff who are responsible for the Farm’s current successes.

Robert is pleased to see the introduction of a new Volunteer programme intended to support further develop the Farm with the assistance of an enlarged group of volunteers.

In the New Year Honours List Robert’s appointment as a Member of the Order of the British Empire recognised his significant and invaluable volunteer work for the Farm over many years.

When asked how he felt on hearing the news, in his usual quiet and unassuming way he said

“I am very proud at being awarded an MBE and feel it is received by me on behalf of all volunteers at the Farm.”



Robert, as President, remains committed to the future of the Farm and continues to visit every week to do his share of work in the gardens.

Congratulations Robert, from all staff and volunteers at the Farm, on this well deserved award.