Sunday, 21 April 2019

News – The Wet Woodland

Posted by Sallie on 3 October 2012

Here at MVUF we are currently developing the area between the beck and the cycle way into a wet woodland. Wet woodlands typically occur in poorly drained soil in river valleys. Over the years they’ve become increasingly rare due to drainage so that the land to be used for other purposes, (housing, roads etc). This is unfortunate as wet woodlands are actually very important; a healthy wet woodland can help to reduce the risk of rivers flooding, (extremely relevant in Yorkshire) by slowing down and storing water, as well as being a rich and diverse habitat!

Trees commonly found in wet woodlands including alder, birch and willows, some of which already present on this piece of land. Other plants include a vast array of herbaceous plants, fungi and mosses that thrive in this boggy, water logged environment. Here at the farm we hope to encourage the colonisation of some of these plants naturally as well as planting other. The array of plants furan found in wet woodland offers a unique habitat for a diversity of insects, including species of beetle which are currently rare in the UK. Wet woodlands also offer ideal habitats for otters and pipstrelle bats, as well as a large number of birds, including the endangered marsh tit.