Sunday, 21 April 2019

Bee Update-The Weekly Tweet

Posted by administrator on 9 May 2012

Tim Harberd, our trusty ‘bee man’ and his helper Ben visited the Farm yesterday to check up on our bees. The weather wasn’t nice in April, and for one of our hives it was almost disastrous.  As Tim said,  “I’ve never had to feed bees in late April before. When the weather is really bad you can do a lot of damage opening a hive, so we only managed one proper inspection in the whole of April!  Fortunately we caught the starving hive just in time. ” Phew!


Ben with the Drone Trap frame

Ben with the Drone Trap frame


“May has been much kinder so far. Today we removed the first Drone Trap frame. The blood sucking mite, varroa, prefers to feed on male bee grubs. So we give the hive a frame of male sized comb (the cells are bigger than in female comb). Once the comb has a fair number of drones (males), ready to hatch, we remove the comb and check for mites. The good news is, we failed to find any mites. It’s highly unlikely that there aren’t any mites, but it is good to know that the infestation level is low, and we don’t need to treat. ” 

male bee grubs

male bee grubs-mite free!





You can read more  here about the deadly mite Varroa that has been so horrendous for bees worldwide and if you’re interested in bees, have a look at the British Beekeepers Association website.