Saturday, 23 March 2019

Bee Update – The Weekly Tweet

Posted by Sallie on 8 April 2012

On the 27th March Tim Harberd, our resident Bee Keeper, and Ben once again visited our Bee colony. They had some positive news with Tim explaining ‘Once again, the hive which apparently went into the winter as our weakest colony is now our strongest colony! We saw two out of three Queens, although the third is obviously in residence. We also saw plenty of brood.’

Brood is the name given to offspring of Bees in the embryo, lava and pupa stages of life, before becoming adults.

In the picture Ben is inspecting a brood frame. The light brown colour in the centre of the frame is capped brood. This is the stage where Bee lava change to pupa and then become adults.


On a technical note the only brood boxes we use are National Standard ‘super’ (honey) boxes.

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