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Rock news-The Weekly Tweet-Monday 30th January 2012

Posted by administrator on 30 January 2012

Rock News-The Weekly Tweet

Exciting times for the Education Team at Farm this week-we’re going on a field trip to the Lake District! We’re visiting the Honister Slate Mine, in search of a giant lump of slate. Why, you may ask, would an Urban Farm be procuring several tons of slate rock? It’s part of a larger project to create a giant rock timeline in our Scothall Field. We run a variety of school’s projects at the Farm, one of which is ‘Rocks and Soil’ in which we introduce school children to basic geology. The rocks we look at are all hundreds of millions of years old, (try working out how many noughts there are in one hundred million!) and it’s hard to convey how old that actually is, especially related to how long humans, animals and even plants have been around for.

Honister Slate Mine


So we’ve had the bright idea of installing a giant rock timeline; pupils at the Farm have worked hard to clear four large squares of earth, which is then covered with substrate,(the crushed up parent rock) all ready for the giant rock to be put on  top of it. The timeline has been carefully measured out by two of our graduate volunteers, (thank you Caroline and Gemma) so that the rocks are put in order of age. Right at the end of our timeline will be human beings. The scale we’ve used is 40cm=1 million years. Guess what distance we take up? (Clue, it’s not very far and you’ll find the answer somewhere on our Facebook page). So visitors and pupils alike can come to the Farm, walk our timeline and touch the rocks that have been here far longer than any living creature. Amazing huh?

We’ll let you know how we get on, some of us are a bit claustrophobic and the weather forecast looks pretty chilly too, fingers crossed!

Substrate base, ready for its rock!