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Bird News-The Weekly Tweet

Posted by administrator on 23 January 2012



Latest From the Hidden Hide………

Our hidden bird hide is proving hugely popular with all manner of birds this Winter. We’ve got all of the tit family, a wren, a pair of bullfinches and even a tree creeper has been spotted! This could have something to do with the fact that we’ve recently made a couple of improvements to it; we’ve squirrel proofed our feeders and added to them so that now our lucky birds have a choice of six feeders to munch through! As I type this from our office I can hear a cacophony of noise as they squabble and jostle for position, (the robins are bravest and the male bullfinch is a big bully)!

But we need your help…………….

Did you know it’s the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend, 28th and 29th January? We’d really like people to come and do it here on the Farm! It’s a brilliant way of discovering which birds are around and monitoring bird numbers across the country. All the details are here, along with a sheet for you to record your results All you have to do is make a note of the highest number of each bird species seen on the ground (not flying over) at any one time over the course of an hour and then record your results on the website. Easy peasy! Oh and let us know what you find too!

Calling all budding wildlife photographers………..

There’s so much wildlife on the Farm; we’ve seen red kites, roe deer, owlets, water voles (Ratty!) and rare birds, but we’ve never been able to capture decent images, particularly of the birds. Our Farm camera is just not up to the task! If anyone wants to come to the Farm and take some images for us, we’d be hugely grateful. They would potentially be shared on our website and social media sites and we’d credit the photos if you’d like. If you’re interested please email us at